LTQ Event : The Monster Bash

Fri, 08/16/2013 - 21:15

Complete the Event: Monster Bash and earn epic rewards! Finish the Heroic mode by 2013/08/30 6:00 PM and earn the SHARKEON

Here is the splash screen.

LTQ Event : The Monster Bash


Somebody can explain me whats the meaning of LTQ?
Guessing I could thin Limited Time Quest, but all events are limited time

Yes, it means: Limited Time Quest. There are regular events which are not limited time.

What is meant by the herioc quest? Sorry I am new to this game.

Usually, a LTQ has 2 rounds. The 1st one is normal mode, and the 2nd one is herioc mode. The 2nd one is harder than the 1st one, and has better rewards.