LTQ Event : Ritual Summoning

Mon, 08/05/2013 - 22:15

Battle Players to summon and capture powerful monsters. This is a 17-stages LTQ event.

Complete the Ruitual Summoning event on Heroic mode by 2013/08/15 6:00 PM and earn the POBERNO

Here is the splash screen.

LTQ Event : Ritual Summoning


I finished the 17 stages and the event started again. I dont earned the Poberno.

When you finish the 1st round, you only earn: Poblasto.
You need finish the 2nd round (which called Heroic mode) to earn Poberno

poblasto, is it like poberno? :)

Oh! Thanks.
Whats the meaning of LTQ?

Limited Time Quest

I go in stage 14/17 of the second round (heroic round), I guess I will not finish the quest, but the price is good.

Why the hell would it say 17 rounds then, why not just tell us it's going to be 34 rounds! I wanted poberno so bad now I only can have the stupid poblasto eh. This game need to make it a little easier