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LTQ Event : Creepy Crawlies

5 years 11 months ago

This is a insect fusion event. Player must finish it before 2013/06/04 18:00 PM to get the rewards.


LTQ Event : Shock and Awe

5 years 12 months ago

Complete the Event: Shock and Awe and earn epic rewards! Finish the Heroic mode by 2013/05/28 4:59 PM and earn the GLOWPUFF.

Boss Event : Arachnia Epic Monster

Boss Event : Arachnia Epic Monster

6 years 3 days ago

New Boss event was launched today. It's a 7 days event. As usual, you need beat the epic monster 30 times to get the Arachnia.


LTQ Event : Earth's Defiance

6 years 4 days ago

Defend our research center!! Finish the Heroic mode by 2013/05/19 5:00 PM and win the PEACOCKCRAB.

LTQ Event : Spring Festival

6 years 1 week ago

This is a new type of LTQ. The Spring Festival is a time to celebrate Spring and the Plant Monsters that come with spring. Players need come back each day to receive a prize.


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