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A Rock and A Hard Place

LTQ Event : A Rock and A Hard Place

10 years 12 months ago

Complete the Event: A Rock and A Hard Place and earn epic rewards! Finish the Heroic mode by 2013/04/21 3:00 PM and earn the CRUSTACE.

Fiery Fusion

LTQ Event : Fiery Fusion

11 years 2 days ago

Help the old professor fuse some fire monsters! Complete the heroic quests by 2013/04/15 12:00 PM and win Infernomus

Fusion Framework is Online

11 years 2 days ago

Fusion framework is online! Now, it's easy to input and save fusion data.

Server Hardware was Upgraded

11 years 3 days ago

Server hardware was upgraded today. We added more memory and CPU power. Now speed should be much fast than before when you save your monster numbers.

Elemental Challenge

LTQ Event : Elemental Challenge

11 years 4 days ago

Complete the Elemental Challenge (in heroic mode) by 2013/04/11 3:00 PM and win the Splashtail


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